SEO Tips in 2020

What is Future of SEO in 2020

2019 these have been many updates that occurred in the SEO industry, and it is important to focus on the pitfalls to move forward in 2020 towards a successful SEO campaign.

Let’s take a break to build new ideas for working out this year to give a change to our usual works. I’m sure this year will be continued by delivering new changes, assumptions, guestimates, and strategies on search engine optimization.

Following are the ultimate tips to be looked upon for making a pleasant change from the normal activities to win SEO in 2020:


Social is Viral:

Though SEO is already using the weapon of social media, I feel it is to cover a wide range of topics that provide great insights. It is vital to include social shares and signals by using social sharing buttons in the targeted content.

Pay attention to the viral media such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in order to increase the social shares on to the site and social signals off to the site.

Satisfy the visitors:

As you know only interesting content can engage the readers to stay on the page, do whatever you can, to satisfy the visitors who land on your website. This will specifically improve the quality of your site in terms of page views, time on site, bounce rates and exit rates.

Visitor satisfaction can also include big data in looking on the above factors for quality signals and much more.


Linkability is nothing but the factor that includes your site’s natural/organic links which are the great assets of SEO in 2020. Think about how and where you should build and which will provide the best results.

You can learn this even more quickly by yourself with the available articles, guides, tips, free tools and techniques from free blogging tricks as they provide quick and quality tips on the latest link building techniques.

Semantic search with Hummingbird:

It is although a very big topic, I can simply mean it with simple words by considering the following:

  1. Research keywords by keeping user intent in mind
  2. Result-based content with proven methods
  3. Genuine and casual speech patterns
  4. Long-tail keywords by lessening the usage of a specific key term

Other insights:


Increase the authority of your brand by sending enormous signals to the search engine. Make it to reach your audience and mean the power of it. If you are running an SEO Company, prove the audience you have something special and unique from your competitors. A brand can play an important role in increasing your site’s visibility.


Getting visibility to the keywords is an old concept. There are many places where people search so don’t narrow your linking approach. Following are other areas where you can concentrate on:

  • Blogs.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Newsfeeds.
  • Discussions.
  • Reviews.
  • And much more.


If you have nothing to do with mobile, then you are losing about half of the website traffic. As technology has advanced to a peak, almost everyone is accessing the web through mobile devices. Look at the responsiveness of your website with the devices which visitors use to access your website.

Collect data and ensure whether your sites oblige all kinds of devices which the visitor use as it is very important for driving traffic. Always keep an eye on the latest trends of mobile data and update your website with necessary things. For this, you can keep track of your visitors through Analytics tools for better results.


Final Thoughts:

Last and most important is to remember the on-site signals and SEO proven techniques that are on-trend. Ask the visitors for feedback on their user experience and work on it for your long time benefits.

Apart from these follow your usual tactics such as outreaching to new places, building relationships, availing authorship, linking with relevancy, writing long content, gaining authority backlinks,  etc. in your SEO strategies for long-lasting impact. Give a fresh start to win your SEO in 2020.

Please do share your ideas and techniques and experiences on your SEO campaign. Do let me know if I have missed anything important.

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